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The Race at North Fork Motor Speedway
Within the photos below you will see, and hopefully experience, what I consider the pertinent HO Scale slot car race car buildings produced in the 1960's.  Those that are missing are not here by choice.  Some notes for the collectors out there:

Aurora Grand Stand  -  I acquired three to start.  They were already 'assembled', and although the 'best' choices available, had flaws; most were poorly assembled for fit and finish.  Some had trashy, ripped decals.  Or were badly painted.  So... I picked up a NOS complete kit and finished it the way I wanted it to look.  The original 40 year old decals are a bit faded, but otherwise...    Aurora part# 1452

Aurora Double Station Pit Stop  -  Again, I tried to get something already built from the sixties that looked "nice".  I got lucky and bought several different buildings (off eBay, like most - but not all of the vintage materials used throughout) that had been carefully built and accessories painted with gloss enamel paint.  These were relatively 'easy' to renovate to something 'nice' enough to be on the layout.  This is the Pit Stop to the right in the photos.  The Pit Stop to the left is a NOS 1972 AFX kit  - with the same Aurora part # as the original 1964 it is identical in every way except the colors of the plastic molds.  I bought this, built it from scratch and painted both Pit Stops to look the same.  This was accomplished by finding a method to dis-assemble (mostly) the buildings I had that were already 'together', allowing for a proper spray paint job followed by detail painting.  The pits are manned by four sets of Preiser 1960's Pit Crew, which I was fortunate to get in four different colors - one set for each of the pit bays in the Pit Stops.     Aurora part# 1453

Plasticville Grandstand  -  Not as Grand as the Aurora piece - more of a small bleacher.  But very nice, with original stickers on the rear side.  This one is NOS and built by me - they are still fairly easy to come by.  Plasticville part# 2676 priced at $1.00 in the 1963 Plasticville catalog.

Plasticville Hot Dog Stand  -  Found a NOS and built and painted it.  Seems to look better with a little paint than many from the sixties you see on the 'net'.  Plasticville part# 2675 priced at $1.00

Plasticville Judges Stand  -  This piece has always seemed more of TV/Radio Tower than Judges Stand, but either way it's always been a favorite of mine.  This one is from the nicely done assembled batch I acquired which I then cleaned and restored.
NOTE:  there are many hundreds of 'figures' throughout the layout – these are mostly Preiser, with some figures having been made by other vendors and liberally spread and mixed all across the layout.  Plasticville part# 2776 priced at $1.25

Plasticville Pit Stop  -  A classic piece and I found one in pretty good shape and gave it a little lovin'.  It's used on the layout as the original North Fork Motor Speedway pit/service station, built prior to the NFMS greatly expanding. Nowadays, it just gets a faithful old Corvette owner in once in a while.  Plasticville part# 2775 priced at $1.25

Aurora Curved Bleachers  -  For this piece I bought the Model Motoring replica of the Aurora original and added the only three things that separated it from the original - original early 60's decals, the speakers on the flag masts and the flags themselves.  Got the flags and many more very cool things (say, several bottles of the red Aurora #14-19 Racing Oil) from a purchase made off the old slot car Usenet listings.  Bought an old collection of 'stuff' from a guy in the Northwest who told me stories about him and his brother playing with it when they were kids.  That's the kind of karma that has followed me throughout this long project and it truly represents one of the greatest things about the hobby.    Aurora part# 1456

Plasticville Cross-Over Bridge  -  I've seen this used on other layouts.  Mine was 'kit-bashed' by removing the top rail from the bridge, making it possible for the people to see over the side.  The signs on the side of the bridge and the tall sidings came from it's model railroad heritage and were replaced with more appropriate signage.  You may notice that the two staircases end at different ground levels and the plastic base pieces are mostly buried.  This bridge connects the main Grand Stand Area to the Curved Bleachers via a path and stairs to make your 'day at the races' even more fun!  Plasticville part# 2875 priced above their other accessories at a whopping $1.49

Plasticville First Aid Station  -  Like the Hot Dog Stand, this piece was sold by Plasticville as a couple of different buildings.  Here, it is an 'on course' First Aid Station for the NFMS.  Again, part of the batch I renovated.  Plasticville part# 2677 priced at $1.00

Aurora Billboard Retaining Wall  -  I bought two unused NOS sets of these and glued them back to back (to look correct/realistic from both sides).  Then I covered/replaced all Aurora/AFX signage with period appropriate racing ads.  I like the look they bring to the racing area.    Aurora part# 1466

The Grand Stand Area
The Grand Stand is full today and the crowd wild!
A blue Hot Rod Coupe on the Expressway passes behind
Aurora Grand Stand...
... Part# 1452
Concession Stand at the back of the Grand Stand  
The crowd gathers to hail the winner!
Lots of activity everywhere around The Race
The television crew gets it 'just right'
The best food at the races is here!
Plasticville Part# 2675
An exciting day for sure
The Ford Racing Display
The Victor drinks his milk while the TV crew films away
The Victor basks in the adulation of his adoring fans
The Pit Stops
The South Pit Stop is towards The Burbs
The West Pit Stop is towards The Hills 
Early morning sunlight poors into...
... the four Pit Stops available at the NFMS
The Aurora Double Station Pit Stop...  
... with single lane pit road for quick stops
The Yellow Team's Sonoco Camaro pulls in for tires
A '55 Chevy gets a look over before the race begins
The Plasticville Pit Stop
Situated out in the country, at one time this Station
served the needs of the NFMS when the races
and crowds were much smaller.  You can see the
newer Corvette Pit just down the road a short ways.
Today, the shop performs service on high-end and
exotic Corvette's of all ages.
Just an old-fashioned 'do it all' auto facility
"... change the tire, tune the engine, lube the joints ..."
An old, but classic piece with nice detail...
... is put into an appropriate environment
Bleachers and the Fans
The Plasticville bleachers are plenty full today
The small birch tree provides a little shade for the patrons
The guy at the top railing is checking out the pit area behind
Hires Root Beer - sounds pretty good!
The 'Corner' bleachers are full and more fans are coming!
What a great view these folks have!
The Aurora Curved Bleachers were 'custom fit'...
... to the terrain at this spot
TV and Radio Announcers Booth
The setting allows for great camera shots on two levels...
... and picturesque views of the stream
The camera crew is hard at work on a gorgeous fall day 
Plasticville Judges Stand
The Bridges
Ahhh, the good old Aurora Country Bridge...
... ever seen the old gal look quite so quaint?
Aurora Ford J Car "Flamethrower" comes under the bridge
The NFMS came to encompass the Country Bridge
Plasticville Pedestrian Crossing allows fans to safely...
... cross from the Grand Stand to the 'Corner' Bleachers
A look back towards the Hot Dog Stand
The path on the right leads to the 'Corner' Bleachers
The First Aid Station
This poor driver flew off the road at a very high rate...
..of speed and crashed his mint, original Aurora Hot Rod..
... Coupe black/red #1366 into the wall and smashed it
Dash Motorsports '63 Falcon Convertible passes above
Exciting Race Area Photos
 You've come this far...         now take a drive up into The Hills